Ordinary Times (Poetic Prose)

Ordinary Times (poetic Prose) (In three parts: “Ordinary Times”) Prelude Whenever I’ve traveled – since the age of nineteen years old – I’ve stepped down into the so called under – world, with more of a mind of an explorer, yet at times I’ve got caught in this motley world, in which has made me… Continue reading Ordinary Times (Poetic Prose)

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Forget The Camera

Good actors know how to put all their attention on an object outside of themselves and block out any and all distractions. In doing so they are able to work spontaneously on a moment to moment, impulse to impulse basis. They are able to “play” with an absence of self-consciousness. They know that their actions… Continue reading Forget The Camera

A Step by Step Guide to Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing Your Designs Simply put, embroidery digitization is the process of digitizing your designs (or those given to you by clients) into an embroidery machine ready format. This digital image can be loaded on to an automatic embroidery machine, which then produces the embroidered images on the final fabric. However, if you think it is… Continue reading A Step by Step Guide to Embroidery Digitizing

Tattoo Removal – The Main Reasons Why People Want Tattoos Removed

Thinking about tattoo removal? Trying to decide if you are the right candidate for the procedure? Luckily you are not alone! In fact, many Americans are experiencing the same mixed emotions and looking for options to remove their ink. Everyone has a reason but the overwhelming amount of people do regret their choice. People want… Continue reading Tattoo Removal – The Main Reasons Why People Want Tattoos Removed

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Paprika Anime Analysis

Paprika is an amazingly complex and entertaining anime. It takes us into a different world and shows us incredible events mainly from the perspective of Doctor Atsuko Chiba and Detective Toshimi Konakawa. Chiba leads a research team in the development of a device to be used for psychotherapy called the DC Mini. She starts using… Continue reading Paprika Anime Analysis

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