Best Anime To Watch on Crunchyroll August 2018

Here is the list of the best anime to watch on Crunchyroll this summer!

1. Banana Fish

Banana Fish is an adaptation of a manga that follows New York City gang member Ash Lynx as he tries to uncover the secret behind a mysterious drug that might have driven his brother mad. He receives some unexpected help from a Japanese photojournalist, who has arrived in New York City to report on the gangs there.

The original manga is set in the old days, this new adaptation seems like it will be pretty faithful to the original work. The show appears to be in good hands: it’s being animated by MAPPA which means we can expect a pretty consistent level of expressive animation. Directing is Hiroko Utsumi, who also directed the first two Free! series, and series composition is Hiroshi Seko, who did the same for Ajin and Mob Psycho 100. The series is also set to run for two cours through the fall, which is a big sign of confidence for a series in a time when most shows only run for one.

2. Attack On Titan Season 3

On an alternate version of Earth, humanity has retreated behind three tiers of 160-foot-high walls to protect themselves from giant humanoid monsters called Titans. These creatures don’t seem to be sentient, and appear to exist only to kill and eat humans. For over a century, humans lived this way, protected by the walls – until a 200-foot-tall Titan appeared and broke a hole in them. The series follows protagonists Mikasa and Eren, as well as the other new recruits of the Survey Corps, as they work to stop the newly adapted Titan invasion.

Attack on Titan started in 2013, but it took a four-year hiatus before returning with a 12-episode second season in 2017. Due to its combination of bloody horror, action, character drama, and politics, the show has been responsible for getting a lot of people hooked on anime.

3. Cells At Work!

Cells at Work! imagines the human body as a city inhabited by anthropomorphized versions of cells. The story follows a red blood cell delivery person, appropriately named Red Blood Cell, as she works together with the other cells to keep the body they inhabit healthy and fight off any foreign microbes.

The series is animated by David Production, who animated the four seasons of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that have aired so far, and the director Kenichi Suzuki directed the first three of those JoJo seasons. With the strange conceit of the show, this seems like a potentially ideal pairing, given not only how well-animated those seasons of JoJo are, but also because of Kenichi and David’s ability to take a weird story and make it interesting beyond just being strange. This seems like a good show that a lot of people will watch.