10 Great Things To Do When Lockdown Ends

All over the world, many people have been confined to their homes due to national lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the restrictions start to lift, for many a sense of excitement is building!

There are so many options for what to do when lockdown ends, but where do you start? There are bound to be things you have missed, crave getting back to, and cannot wait to continue, but it is important to organise your time and energy to make the very most of it.

These ten top tips and ideas for activities are the perfect starting point for post-lockdown life. They all inspire connection, community, good health – and fun!

If you are excited for the end of lockdown, but not sure where to begin when planning your activities, then why not start with these top ten things to do!

1. Organise a BBQ

Holding a barbecue for your friends, family, or even the whole street is a great way to socialise while still maintaining social distance if necessary. Studies show that the air circulates in a more sanitary way outdoors, and that there is less risk of disease overall.

Barbecues are also a wonderful way to spend more time outdoors in the fresh air after many months of remaining at home.

2. Visit a Museum or Gallery

After the monotony of lockdown, many people may be feeling uninspired or lacking in motivation. A great way to boost your creativity or spark a new cultural interest is to visit a local – and often free! – attraction like a museum or gallery.

This is a great activity for all the family too, and a chance to refresh your thoughts while enjoying the arts.

3. Experience Live Music

There are few things as exhilarating as experiencing your favourite band live. Whether you have booked live music for your event, you are attending a festival or concert, or even supporting some friends in a band, now is the time to enjoy it.

Be sure to protect your ears though, as live music concerts can be extremely loud – especially after a long period of quiet such as during lockdown!

Supporting artists and creatives who have not had access to an audience during lockdown is also a great way to help ensure that they continue to thrive.

4. Support Local Businesses

If you are shopping or dining, consider supporting a local or independent business rather than a thriving chain. Many businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors were hit especially hard by the pandemic, but you can start to support them again once the restrictions have lifted.

5. Donate to Charity

While donating to charity may not be an activity purely for after lockdown, many people are more conscious than ever of helping those in need. The pandemic impacted businesses, but charities were also badly hit. If you can help even in a small way, consider donating money – or your time – to help a charity that is meaningful to you.

6. Spend More Time in Nature

Studies have shown that spending time in nature or ‘forest bathing’ not only has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing, it can also affect us physically by boosting immunity and the production of ‘happy hormones’.

Whether it’s for a walk, a picnic, or just sunbathing, try to make time to get outdoors each day.

7. Take a Food Tour

Instead of the familiar pub crawl, why not try a food tour? Pick a selection of local cafes, eateries, or restaurants and make a whole day of experiencing what they have to offer. This is also a great way to support local businesses after a challenging financial year.

8. Explore the Best Views

Wherever you are based, research places that are considered to have the best views in your area and make a point of visiting them. After weeks or even months of seeing the same four walls indoors, enjoying the view may expand your horizons in more ways than one – helping you to feel refreshed.

9. Keep Up the Video Calls

Video calls may be the last thing you feel like doing after lockdown, but try to remember those who it helped you to connect with. Perhaps you called elderly relatives more often, or friends that live far away?

Your calls will have helped to make them feel valued and included, so consider making a special effort to continue them.

10. Try Something New!

Post-lockdown is a great time to try something completely new. Hobbies or local classes in dance, painting, computing, and more can be a great way to connect with your local community and boost your brainpower by learning a new skill.