Forget The Camera

Good actors know how to put all their attention on an object outside of themselves and block out any and all distractions. In doing so they are able to work spontaneously on a moment to moment, impulse to impulse basis. They are able to “play” with an absence of self-consciousness. They know that their actions… Continue reading Forget The Camera

Choose Your Own Path

My father, “Pop”, as my bother and I called him, was more than a bit of a ham. For him any time was a good time to perform so as a young man he decided to try his hand as a Vaudeville song and dance man. Performing was in his blood and although success is… Continue reading Choose Your Own Path

Talent Is Not Always Enough

Born in Port Arthur, Texas, Janis Joplin was endowed with immense innate talent. As a teenager her excess weight and severe acne condition made her an easy target for ridicule. The harsh jibes of her peers delivered crushing blow after crushing blow to an already fragile ego. Joplin never developed the coping mechanisms to handle… Continue reading Talent Is Not Always Enough

Dance Innovation: The Relationship Between Video and Dance

When one hears the word innovation, what comes to mind? Something technologically savvy? Cutting-edge? Each industry has its share of innovative ideas and works. In relation to the dance world, what is considered innovative? There are revolutionary choreography, dance techniques, products, approaches to movement, and endless other examples. More specifically, it is undeniable that digital… Continue reading Dance Innovation: The Relationship Between Video and Dance

Preparation Is Key

Like Sanford Meisner, Stella Adler said that acting and doing are the same. Ms Adler, an original member of “The Group Theatre” (1931-40) honed her acting skills for many years and went on to become one of the greatest acting teachers in the history of American theater. Her father Jacob Adler, founder of the Yiddish… Continue reading Preparation Is Key