A Step by Step Guide to Embroidery Digitizing

Digitizing Your Designs Simply put, embroidery digitization is the process of digitizing your designs (or those given to you by clients) into an embroidery machine ready format. This digital image can be loaded on to an automatic embroidery machine, which then produces the embroidered images on the final fabric. However, if you think it is… Continue reading A Step by Step Guide to Embroidery Digitizing

The Graphic Artist Wept

Some people define us (graphic artists) as artistically inclined introverts. In a way, they are right. Most of the time we want to work alone. We do not like being surrounded by people. We do not want being watched. The time that we are most productive is the time when we are all alone. Extraordinary… Continue reading The Graphic Artist Wept

Types of Window Graphics

Window graphics have been around for decades. Initially, they were created with the purpose of displaying the names of businesses on front windows. In that form, window stickers were very difficult to remove and involved a lot of peeling and scraping. However, the window decals available today have evolved tremendously. There are a variety of… Continue reading Types of Window Graphics