Ways to hang posters without any frame

Posters are an effective form of advertising even in our increasingly digital society. In addition, it is a common strategy for promoting anything like a product, service, or event. A room with blank walls is dull and lifeless. Posters may visually represent a person’s interests and hobbies or keep fond memories close at hand. It will make the recipient feel better about themselves or give them a good laugh.

What are posters?

Posters are temporary, and originals are hard to come by. However, at a reasonable price, they are still a great way to get your hands on reproductions by painters like Picasso and Matisse. They can be displayed alongside a wide variety of other art and decor pieces.

How to hang posters in your home without a frame?

There are still familiar sights in our daily life, from art designs to Stephen Curry wall art. Available in various shapes, colors, and sizes, posters are an excellent option for decorating any room. But do you know how to hang your precious posters without any frames?

You can utilize various options to keep your favorite posters in place if you are trying to hang posters in your home but do not have any frames available. You may already have some of these things sitting in a junk drawer in your home. If you are trying to hang posters in your home but do not have any frames available, you can utilize various options to keep your favorite signs in place.

Here are a few effective methods to hang your favorite posters without a frame:

1.     Command Strips:

Another alternative is to use command strips if you want to hang objects on your wall but are concerned about the peeling paint left behind. Using this device, you can attach a poster to any flat surface and then swiftly remove the adhesive product by lifting the bottom tab. This will not leave any sticky residue behind.

2.     Double Tape:

Double-sided tape is an excellent product if you utilize a high-quality, heavy-duty variety. You may use double-sided tape to line all of the poster’s edges, and then you can swiftly adhere it to the wall in any location you like.

3.     Poster Tape:

The purpose-built product known as “poster tape” is a double-sided, extra-strength coated transparent tape specifically designed to hang posters on walls. This tape is simple to apply, and it is also simple to remove from most surfaces, such as wood, primer, glass, tile, painted walls, and so on.

4.     Putty that is Removable and Sticky Tack:

Sticky tack has been utilized for various purposes in the past. Still, it hadn’t recently begun to make a comeback until lately, when several firms started updating their products to provide a secure grip without leaving behind a mess or destroying walls when removed.

5.     Velcro Tabs:

If you don’t mind the residue left behind after removing the Velcro Tabs after the poster has been taken down, this is a fantastic method for putting bigger and heavier posters in their proper places. You’ll have no trouble attaching Velcro tabs to the poster’s four corners and one spot in the center, where you may put the most important ones for maximum grip.


If you want to hang a poster on any wall, any of the products listed above are excellent tools to use. However, you need to be aware that each of these products has the potential to pull, tear, or leave residue on your poster if you decide to remove it or move it to a different location.

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