Custom Paintings: Describing Them and Thr Whole Process Involved

There were days when people used to buy paintings of the renowned artists for high prices just to increase the beauty of their house or show their people their economic status. This practice is now dying out with time.

Except the few existing masterpieces which have been already auctioned off, people are no longer interested in buying what an artist makes out of his imagination or from the top of his head.

People want to buy what they seek or desire. Hence a custom paint studio is set up where people can come and give instruction about the type of work they want. This work will then be brought into reality from the imagination which the customer can take with him.

Since it is now the customer’s choice and he has the role of deciding the colors, the background, the proper design, many people are getting attracted to such studios in order to get made the type of art they want.

Any customer who is not a collector and would generally be drawn towards his own portrait or of his loved ones, instead of any famous personality or a lady who doesn’t know what expression she is providing.

People are no more into the age-old art and these practices are now dying out since everyone wants to buy something that is relevant to them and provides them with a sense of meaning.


Consider a writer. He develops a particle field and style of writing and so on perfects himself in a particular style and then, goes on to the next one.

Similarly, any artist chooses a single way and style of painting and practices in this till he is an expert in this method.

The whole process behind a custom painting involves several stages:

  • Sending a preview of the portrait or the photo which is to be drawn and describing or suggesting the type of edit and work to be done.
  • The type of service that the studio offers is also to be known. A customer should know which studio would best serve his/her needs and if they are creative in their work if you are looking for that kind of art.
  • To keep the customer satisfied that his money is not going into something that won’t give the result as desired, it is pertinent that he gets a preview of the idea of the art that will be present before him.
  • Receiving of the art by the customer. The studio should be very careful in this situation for its whole reputation for all its future clients are dependent on reviews.
  • If the customer is not satisfied or if the work is not up to the mark, the artist or the studio will have to begin the whole process again.

Hence, this new style of art has proven to be very much satisfactory for customers and hence, such studios and artists are getting more and more attention day-by-day.

The process involves the customer’s views and needs and customer interaction is taken care of. This makes the customer feel the process and consider himself a part of it.