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Blog 1: Importance of art

Art – this word reminds us about a piece of work in a gallery or museum, be it a painting or a modern sculpture. Art is not just that, it is all around in different forms. Without art the world would not have been the same today.

Take a while and observe things around you and say, what is not art? In fact, Everything that we see around us in an art form. Most of us never realize the role of art in our lives but our dependence on art is immense.

Art is not a hobby anymore.

Embrace fine art: let your imagination define you!!!

Albert Einstein once remarked that, imagination is more powerful than knowledge. You can see the truth of his statement in art galleries across the world where every painting is an argument between the artist and his audience. Art is nothing but an individual’s ability to express his thoughts via the creative medium be it a sketch, painting made on paper, canvas, walls, rocks, wood or just about any surface. Art is inextricably related to design be it on paper, computer, clothes, plastic and in today’s internet dominated era when everything is going digital, design is the queen while content is the king.

World is filled with art & everyone here is an artist. It’s just that most of us are untapped to explore and enhance that skill set.

Give yourself a chance to enrich. Art never leaves us, it is within. Introduce you to yourself.

Blog 2: How art is helping children?

When we are young as kids, getting influenced and to get carried away with it is natural. It’s instinct and obvious. We learn from what we observe and we see what is shown to us. We become what we are exposed to.

This process is beautiful and natures most admired act. However, what we get to observe is vital & this definitely reflects ones attitude in the near future.

The present scenario for the current generation is the world moving at a greater pace is not letting children to observe. Everything had become instinct. Imagination and creativity are tampered to core.

Take a pause. Relax. Calm down and Rush not. Give a break. Let’s help them learn.

Studying art will give a sense of truly being in this world as it helps learn to observe things around in detail, analyze, think, improvise and create. This stimulates creativity and enhances innovations. Living in consciousness is the most beautiful thing in this life and through art this is being thought to kids in an artistic and interesting procedure. Art stimulates all areas of the brain and aids for overall mental health of children.

Students who study science are asked to build a scientific temper by questioning everything. But students of art learn to examine all aspects of a problem and prove to be better at conflict situations.

When Art gives us so much, then why not give our younger generations & kids a chance to enhance their in-built creative skills.

Give a chance so that they won’t regret like we do today.

Blog 3: Drawing Tips

Age’s way back in the history & even today drawing is a key to open creation. Several artists have drafted several stories & expressions with infinite drawings & paintings over the past & till date. That’s from where we inherit our culture, customs & traditions. Drawing is overlooked but at the core, When you sketch you don’t structure. Everything we see around us is a structure which is firstly sketched.

So, it’s never late to unleash the inbuilt artist we all share in common.

Most Important & Must know Drawing Tips:

1. Draw Shapes 1st

Whether we are using a reference or not, start by capturing the shape of the object or character. Focus primarily on getting rite proportions& then get into the details. This way it is a much easier process, saves a lot of time, improves the ability to capture shapes & is enjoyable as well.

2. Getting the shades correctly

To improve your shading skills try getting 5 different shades from the pencil starting from lightest to the brightest. To get this right hold the pencil at the edge & use very little pressure. Gradually bring down the grip towards the tip and increase the pressure for brighter shade.

3. Improve your coloring skills

Blend it right. By mastering shading skills blending colorful shades is fun and at ease over practice.

Add more layers, one over the other to get the blend right. How? Well, this could be done in just 3 steps.

Split your shade in 3 Tones.

1: Brightest Tone

2: Mid Tone

3: Darkest Tone

Use 1, 2 & 3 in the 1st layer. Then use Tone 1 to blend 1 & 2 in the second layer & then use tone 2 to blend 2 & 3 in the second layer again.

Do that until you get a perfect blend. Using a white pencil will be a help to get the shade perfectly.

4. Improve your Inking skills.

You have a shaky hand that can spoil your glorious drawing.

Just grab a paper & draw lots of shapes, be as weird as you can. Scribble & Scribble!!

Once done, get a firm grip of the pen and just draw over the lines you just drew. Try doing it at one go. Practice this to improve your inking skills. While you do so make sure you keep up your natural hand movement throughout.

5. Drawing Tutorials

Try to seek help from nearest possible tutorials or even online videos that can help in easing the process of understanding & getting the techniques right in much quicker possible way.

6. Draw the same drawing 3 Times.

Not being able to draw what you thought? It’s very obvious. Worry not but draw it again. Every time you draw it again you can identify your own mistake and become your own master. This will teach to access yourself and learn from your mistakes. This also helps in focusing your details naturally.

It takes a bit while to get it like you wish. Remember we are not looking for perfection, we are looking for progress.

7. Never fear to fail.

This tip is not only to become an artist you deserve, it can be applied else were in your life.

Every time you get your drawing wrong it teaches you. Face your fears and fight & win yourself with patience. Practice is key to master and gain knowledge.