How to Choose the Best Type of Graco Air Spray for Your Project

For your painting needs, you need not limit your choice to the conventional paint brush or paint roller. These days, a wide selection of paint sprayers are available in the stores.

Whether you are a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself project enthusiast, you’d love the advantages that a paint sprayer could offer. All you need is a good finding skill in looking for the perfect paint sprayer that will work for your needs.

Brushing or rolling paint can pose challenges in terms of consistency. Tackling narrow spaces can be difficult too. With a paint spray, you no longer have to spend as much time and energy completing the painting job. Your work will be a lot easier compared to using a conventional paint brush.

The only thing that would probably take you the most time is deciding which particular spray paint to choose. To help you out, here are questions you may ask yourself when choosing your very own paint sprayer. Let’s get started.

What is the size of the project I’m working on?

Are you repainting the entire home interior? Or are you only tackling a specific wall? Think about the size of the project as this will serve as your guide in deciding which type of paint spray to purchase.

For small projects, for instance, handheld units such as the TrueCoat 360 Graco Air Spray would be more than enough. You can finish your painting projects fast, all while ensuring a professional-looking finish.

For bigger projects, meanwhile, you may need a paint sprayer that has higher pressure and can deliver a broader spray. If you are most concerned about speed and need to get the project completed fast, you can as well look into sprays that come with a larger horsepower.

What sprayer tip and size best suit my project?

Paint sprayers come in various tips and sizes. To decide which one to choose, consider the job you are using the paint spray for. For small surfaces, say you’re painting fences, go for sprayers with smaller tip size and opening. For walls, meanwhile, you can go for wider tips. You can always ask the supplier for the specific tip size that best suits the application.

Will I be working on a single location?

If you will be working on your yard alone or only in a single location, then handheld paint sprayers may be enough. However, if you are covering wide spaces and you need to carry the tool around, then you may want to consider a paint sprayer type that comes with wheels. These units are commonly used for pavement or field markings that are done by professional painting contractors.

Will this unit produce loud sounds?

You don’t want to disturb your neighbors nor be complained for being too loud. Ask the supplier if the sprayer you’re looking at produces loud noise when used.

Finally, are online resources for this product available?

Go for a reputable brand so you can ensure quality paint sprayers. These brands, more often than not, would offer manuals or tips that you can consult every now and then while working on your project.

Choosing the best paint sprayer for your project doesn’t have to be stressful. Ask yourself these questions and gather recommendations from suppliers themselves. Make your painting project in a success with the right paint spray!