Outfitting an Interactive Production

Many of our readers are often faced with the complex choice of what to wear when taking part in an interactive production. Also, this question keeps on popping up in many blogs on the web. While there is no standard formal wear for taking part in an interactive production, it is advisable to wear clothes that rhyme with the interactive production. This problem can be easily solved by following this simple guide.

Interactive productions such as the escape game locks players in a room where they are required to escape from. Players are then faced with countless challenges such as solving puzzles and riddles in their bid to get out of the rooms. Since such games are interactive, there are basic outfitting steps that will contribute to making the experience more enjoyable and fun.

First, wear comfortable clothing. The escape game is quite involving. Unlike computer games where you play from the comfort of your home, interactive productions will have you out there running, crawling, climbing and jumping. Thus, comfortable clothes will help you to do these activities easily.

While outfitting for the production, avoid short dresses, heels or sandals. This is because you will be locked up in a dark room during the game. It is not a show of dressing to impress. Also, heels will hinder your movements during the game since you cannot run/jump or crawl quickly and comfortably in heels. Further, inappropriate wear such as heels can increase the risk of tripping thereby injuring yourself. Also, dressing too warmly for interactive productions is not appropriate. Since participants are always active both mentally and physically during the game, warm clothing will make the participant to sweat a lot thereby becoming a burden or limitation.

Sandals are also not appropriate for interactive games since they expose your open feet to injuries. While running or crawling in the dark, it is not uncommon to knock your feet against obstacles.

For interactive productions, I would recommend you dress casually and comfortably; most preferably in sneakers and jeans with a comfortable. Whereas the jeans will make your movements to be easier, the sneakers will protect your feet during the interactive sessions.

Escape games are becoming popular day in day out. They basically lock participants in rooms and then require them to escape from them. Knowing the right attire to wear to such interactive games will make the experience to be enjoyable and memorable.