A New Camera? Get the Most Out of It

A feeling that many new camera owners frequently experience is that the pictures they take ‘do not look as good as I had anticipated… ‘

The simple solution to this problem is to get to know your camera properly. Modern digital cameras are technological marvels – even the lowest priced ‘point & shoot’ and they can help you to take delightful images that you really enjoy. But…

Most people go straight to the “Quick Start” leaflet, make sure they know some of the crucial buttons to press, ignore the instruction manual and begin taking pictures. ‘Real women and real men do not read instruction manuals!’

This is all well and good but you will never get to appreciate the technological wonder that you now possess and you will absolutely not get full value from your purchase. Your instruction manual is the most important accessory possible for your camera and it’s free!

The key point is that your instruction manual is not a book to be read from cover to cover – that way lies confusion – ‘there is just so much to learn!’ It is a reference manual! For ease of reference download it as a PDF file – both to your desktop and to your smart phone. This gives you easy and fast access to both the menu and to whatever subject you need. You would normally use your desktop but the smart phone as a reference can be really useful in the field.

An old proverb:

‘I hear and I forget’

‘I see and I remember’

‘I do and I understand!’

There are any number of courses that you can take to help you get to know your camera. The major brands offer them as a free service if you buy a camera above a certain level. The courses are given by people who really know the camera and they take you through everything it will do in a relatively short time. Many owners come out of the course slightly bewildered thinking ‘what a complex camera – I will never understand or be able to do all of that!’

‘I do and I understand!’

This is the key phrase. Anything that you teach yourself is far more likely to be remembered than anything you have been shown.

So, using your manual, you gradually build up your knowledge of your camera. Learning functions and techniques as you need to use them rather than trying to learn everything at once. Everything will gradually become second nature to you – remembering that practice does make perfect!

By using the PDF format everything is full screen and easy to read and follow. You also have two hands to hold your camera and experiment with the various buttons.

The various diagrams in the manual refer you to different sections for extra detail. Every lever and button on your camera is explained in clear, easy to follow language.

Use your manual and teach yourself all about your camera as you progress along your photographic journey and you will reap full benefit from your technological wonder.

This will cover all the practical aspects of using your camera – along the way you will have to develop your own approach to the challenging fun of composition etc!

Enjoy your Camera!