A Rainy Day Thought (Marxism, Russia, Germany, and Surplus)

I got thinking today of a rainy day notion, not political really, just kind of a lopsided thinking, random thinking, spontaneous –

You know what I mean: thinking today what may be tomorrow, and having plan ‘B’ ready, if indeed one has time for plan ‘B’!

Something put away for the Rainy Day, and we all get them: groups, solo men, women, families, nations, and the world!

Then a word popped into my head: ‘Plutocracy’ –

I translated it to mean, “Means to power,” but of course it is not quite that, it is more on the order of the rich controlling the poor, something on that order: seldom is the word used, and that is because it is a lopsided word.

Then Karl Marx came to mind, and capitalism.

I translated his vision this way: when every country in the world has an unconsumed surplus, capitalism will fall.

Karl was no idiot, so I figured he knew what he was talking about.

So capitalism will fall, I told myself, lest we find a way to rid ourselves of that surplus, he talking about, and have we done so?

I mean, I’ll never know, but if America falls as Karl says we will, I’ll assume we didn’t do anything about it.

So I come up with (and I suppose I’m not the first to come up with this idea, surly a million or so other people have – thus, no bright idea of mine 🙂

I have the solution Karl, ‘Cast it into the sea!’

Thus, in a flash, Marxism becomes primitive, out of date, fixed, the hurdle has been jumped over…

Then I got thinking – again surely no bright idea – do away with the profit, and there won’t be any unconsumed surplus!

I did it again, I think! Broke two ribs of Karl.

Perhaps this is called socialism, not sure, but it seems to fit.

Now I get into the world called Plutocracy, and I bet you think I’m going to use it for America?

No way, how about Russia?

It may not fit, in this year of 2014, but why not push the piece into the puzzle until it does…

Russia can say what it please, but it owns 70% of everything, if not, at least for this poem, let it be –

But there is a greater power than wealth, that is people, labor, and the muscle of industry – even at 30%, if not taken into account, it will overpower wealth, America has taken that into account, has Russia?

And to be quite frank, the rich own much of America, but we do have a huge middle class…

That 30% pulls the triggers, the muscle cords of a nation!

It is in essence, stronger than wealth!

And this cannot be taken away.

Although 70 + 30, when shoulder to shoulder, in the case of humanity, it becomes a different story.

Labor cannot be dishonored, save, you are not going to run a slave camp;

And if you do, ere, the lion and the tiger fight.

Germany, should they return to the ways of the ’70s (and it is hard to backtrack, so I’d assume one must find a new plan ‘B’), – – and I lived in Germany four years during the 1970s, winter after winter –

Russia would not be able to play on their now impotency –

Germany now, in a winter is an empty shell; Russia can put them in cold storage anytime, because they are dependent on Russia as their energy source! As is half of Europe.

What has happened here?

Russia has become like Standard Oil Trust, they have squeezed out the old – times of the once coal fields –

Made connections, their hands are everywhere;

Germany is a feudal tenure of Russia, even if America thinks not!

That is what them plutocratic, not only in Russia but in Europe.

No: 4633/11 – 25 – 2014