All Men Are Like Grass, Their Glory Is Like Flowers Of The Field, The Grass Withers The Flowers Fall

They stand like an altar

with subtle fragrance their appearance

could take you skyward, fine stalks and dull blades

that can be sharpened in the air,

lush leafy deep green, a verdant tree bearing shade

Still other types exist, dried surfaces, hulls and rubbish

husks on an ascending stem of the grain, derogatory remarks, retaliatory dregs, a transitional supporting plume But this could never be just about structure, rather a precautionary tale, hasty decisions, an expeditious branch Tea leaves are important as the battle of time can be won, distortions in the upper echelon, pulsing rhythm,

warm waves on a ruddy skin for this can be a moment to begin to appreciate the blowing of a sea breeze concerted attempts to bring on the infinite glory of a gaze

So let us become enraptured by the redolent bouquet, the wreath, the posy,

the buttonhole with advanced efforts to make a mark in cotton, cashmere, pelotage, a mound of mohair or a nasty stack of full length merino

For the gulls will travel in a canary and in a row, in a series of emerging jet streams away from the undertow, all of it a present, a hand-out, an offering, a gift for the exceptional trees that have done much to generate wisdom and bring about the coming of the fly for there are a variety of ways to sit in splendor for the bird,

faith and similitude, the arrival of the season, planes and formats for wise alternatives, shrapnel in a minefield the glory of a god but there is no blood in victory only a slow gradual decline for the petals may perish as nature creates another option, other pieces in a pattern subject to external forces and a relentless pressure to modify, change and adapt, aestheticism as an afterthought, it almost seems as if it were true, bright poppies in open fields, fertile crescents and bows, still the elaborate ribbons begin to foster majesty, opulence in the afterlife, a new time dimension that will never leave us alone, only imagination in an astonishing realm meadows and pastures of mead, green lea, grassland shieling, forces virgin alien and remote, pelicans singing, guttural sounds a determined language of desperation

and woe

Metamorphosis embroidery adornment, decoration, devices, arrangements, motif, sequences, saline, salient themes, strange fish swimming to commemorate the sun, tulips screaming in an ocean preserve, lilacs lacking, daisies dangling in a synagogue, a tremendous salutary voice, paradigms, prototypes, visions, paragons, pogroms, pagodas and archetypes