Go Now Weep and Howl For Misery Shall Come Upon You

Avoid the trap as it is the only thing

that you can do

Yet you know that it has happened

many times before

Jaws of iron, a maniacal shard of steel,

all of it the result of a planted seed,

the meat of a beastly animal

rolled-up into a precious piece of tweed

This is where the stitch and gap might begin to unravel,

depending on the tailor’s mood and the order of the day

as misery loves company something that was never meant

to be concealed

Life as a magician might have been appealing but let’s be serious, such an existence

requires cleverness and the ability to deliver an impressive sleight of hand

If it had ever been in the cards we would not have seen you here stuck inside

a springe, a gospel or a gin, trying to avoid the ambush of a bloody battle

the confinement of the will for this couldn’t be called a simple struggle,

it is more than a conflict, a fracas or a war, the deliverance of destiny is in play,

there is no escaping its anguish, its master or its deadly, lethal blow

In such a situation there is no uncertainty as there could never be another way,

a fatal snare has been cast upon you and the venom of the spider will not be held

anywhere beyond the region or upon other shores that may be blocked along the bay

So it may be high time that you realize the fortune of an awkward dying dog,

saliva is dripping from your putrid mouth and the bone of your limb may soon be diminished, a travesty for all to witness the sacral sap of innocents splattered

upon the foreskin of every heathen’s temple and the illustrious construct of every wooden door, so there might not be more to make of it than you ordinarily would

Material is not the object isn’t it apparent in the way they do their jig with one foot hopping around the dinner table you would think he was an immortal pig

Still there may be no good reason to allow the tears to flow for there are cats

in every cupboard and hungry mice who are licking their lips waiting for toe jam

and fermented cheese that may be wrapped round his penis, limburger, cheddar, camembert, gouda and brie. Ham sandwiches will be available in the future, a luscious memorial, a mid-day funeral, a testimonial, the final supper, a grand parting of the faithful, a cairn, a monument, a cenotaph, a shrine

For this is the course of the carnivore, the meat-eater, a desperate fiend, a savage barbarian seeking victuals on the open road, comestibles for the countdown, rotting flesh, fat muscle, corpulence, adipose tissue, wrinkles of hard-boiled contention, bitter arguments about the source of information in a matted room, good for rubber skulking and other fine prophylactic devices that might do much to prevent unpleasant predicaments when decaying questions seem to put much of it on display

Still there are other ways to dispose of the evidence for this will allow other derelicts

to conceive of the intimation, frisk and gambol strikes upon a healthy mind,

wretched lamb stretched upon the fleece of a hidden pellet, wallop batter

the real crook and curve, blonde kinks in a ring of smoke forever gone when the breath amounts to nothing more than an ordinary mate with no space left to scuffle,

scoundrels at the red door bleeding seething into emery eyes of eternity, the haste, the waist, to think about what was never done, a plasma of parasites in a tainted field such a feeble unsound way to leave the sodden mead of a sun drenched repulsive earth