Life Is Rolling on

Life still goes on and the bright sides are the target for everyone. No matter what and belief it or not, there are no negative thoughts that could refrain oneself to obtain these feelings. Seems all of us, sooner or later have to deal with lots of changes that are fun, seriously hard, sad, happy and they are apt to be difficult too.
Yet something must be added to colour the life that we endure. Either we sacrifice or just let go and pick up the pieces shall we, later on.

Well, a very deep breath had to be let out then, right!

Thanks, for life is good to me in everything that matters.

I believe the good parts always lead, sort of giving back things that had once been given to others.

Thats why we had to do all the good deeds in future so as to receive no bad consequences much later.

Just be good, be charm and stay kind to others in a way we like others to do the same back to us.

Everyday life is rolling on towards the pattern of life that we created.

Last morning, each morning and this morning…

Today, this morning…

I read some comments, message & tags.

Do I have a choice in getting involved again.

To that gender that entangled my veins.

No heart no cries ever get me again.

To the world of love & dreams so cheer.

Today, this moment… I felt my heart cries and yearned.

For the lovely scenes that past my time.

Missed the tantrums, an enticing acquired.

Do I remember but dare not steer.

Maneuver my life that’s so clear, never.

Today, this time…

Everything went sublime.

No candle lights when we dined.

Hurts so deep my heart cried no vain.

Why so ruthless my nights was stabbed.

Brought hollows & lost to my life in pain.

Least of all my happiness turned sharp.

Today, I promise again…

No, not more… I’ll survive and stop.

Hopping for someone kiss me and drop…

Than hold out the hands in tender so real.

To make my hearts alive, tremble and deal.


Forgive me as no speaks of giving.

No send back loves and submitting.

Nothing amiss if friendship understanding.

True heart and feelings will sure worth waiting.

In future…

life is still rolling

beyond the expectations

can it be found

the joy of life ever we gain