Like Newborn Babies, Crave Pure Spiritual Milk So That You May Grow

Mewling and puking

newborn babes crave spiritual milk

but what do you feed them when their mothers

won’t cooperate and there is a dearth of substitute beasts

Don’t get me wrong because animals should not necessarily

be worthy of condemnation, and the female species

is not above scandalous rumours or reasons for serious reproach, still there is something sacred

about the act when the mother nestles her baby to her breast, the ability to provide comfort and succor is the essence of erudite transcendence, forget wild speculations about an infinite god or a divine heavenly father because this is where it really starts, intuition is profound and deep and upon the mind an indelible impression is left, love and mercy are the nutrients, the support, the foodstuff, while compassion and kindness are the mild bee honey and the natural sugar cane, the magical mixture that leads us to the spirit and provides sustenance to the feeble-minded and to the outward blind, for it is the basic language of thought, reason and affection and the primary means by which we may all succeed

But there is much more that we could all begin to think about, as we ponder the nature of our humble origin whether we are conceived in an ordinary act of ethereal coitus, rapturous sun soaked immoral, unjust copulation or just a random illustration of lust, for the landscape may be modest and pure, yet it is within the confines of an earthly terrain that the tender infant learns the secret of eternal pre-eminence, an extraordinary path that may lead us round the galaxies into palaces, remarkable places that had once been destined to be desolate and unknown

So we can choose to sit in silence if we wish or attempt to explain the ordinary forces of a barbarous existence, the forces of evil and the explanations as to why we have become unkind in desperate ways as our failure to consider the lives of others is certainly tragic and vain, it can strip us of our dignity and in dispirited bouts of nakedness it can cause us to be quite mad or in other words only insane

Let us muse upon our travels, in our journey through the hinterland and upward into a lonesome graveyard, the opening, the hollow, the fissure and the abyss, sacred meaning may rise above us in venerable fluid seeping into consciousness a new way to live, arguably another pathway, desecration, a destruction of the soul, partnerships in the outer world, angels on the surface, demons and fiends hell bound for north atua, suffering and nightmare in a bad fire, torment in a terrible bottomless pit.