Peru’s Oligarchy and Mandates of the Master (Poetic Prose)

Those who have fear of God in them, and are part of the ruling body of Peru, should read this; those who have no fear of God, God help you to find it, but this reading will be of little use for you:

Peru’s Oligarchy

To the governing body of Peru, the elected ones, elected or otherwise-:

For the: Judges, the police, the silent ones, the rich, the mayors, the congress people, senate, presidents, and the executive branch (the preying mantis’ of the people, and there are many of you, more than can be counted: it would be safer to trust the thief of the street, than one of you):

this is for you, the destroyers of the people

(the liars, you know who you are-ere, think before you act, and think not you will not be accountable, nor will you escape the hard hand of God… He is no teddy-bear!)

You are the shameless who flaunt your scarlet shame in public…

I have seen many of you, talked to you-

How proud you stand!

Your masters’ the anarchist…

You who would do will to believe in hell’s fire and brimstone-:

You will regret your unbelief.

Listen to your mind’s eye:

“Surely there must be a hell-for in no less place could it be possible for you to receive punishment according to your crimes.”

Hence, so long as your kind exists, God I do believe will make room in hell-fire, inside the earth’s crust or in the far-off cosmos for you!

Do not be so confident, that you will escape this agenizing after-death, at your last breath!

So many think so, they say: “I’ll send for the priest at the last moment, and be saved.”

Those who are permitted to do crimes without punishment, you have been erased from: ‘The Book of Life,’ you will be called in time yet not present-

Why do you think God has allowed you to do, as you do?

Not even the priest will be able to rescue you, save the heart is pure!

For at this time and place, the heart will not be unadulterated:

It is called ‘Sin upon sin,’ in other words, let the evil man condemn his soul over and over and over, until there is no light!

You’re punishment is in allowing you sin a greater sin, on and on, one sin on top of another, until your heart and soul are blackened like coal.

And God has said: it is most difficult for such a person to make a turnabout! If ever one can!

On the Day of Judgment, you will be called: “The Unfortunate Ones”;

Your trial will be prompt and brief.

You will come to realize your crime among men, God and nature, when it is too late.

As the Bible says intrinsically: what goes around comes around:

what wrong you will do, have done, it will come back upon you!

Plus, you will still be accountable in the afterlife.

Masters of the Master

Think not that God cannot strike you down tomorrow, or send out The Angel of Death, to track you down, for-lest he get instructions to do so, death will have no mercy or pity; an immediate death is an immediate death!…

Perhaps the Angel of Death will be directed to give you rheumatism of the heart-

And you die in three days…

And you will have no time to send for the priest for confession;

For such a sudden death, who can surmise, what afterwards?

And will your sincerity reach God’s ears, in time?

For he can read your soul from afar! And false sincerity is worthless.

For God will know, your heart has not changed; and should you be allowed to live, you simply would regain your old ways, and God forbid!

For he has given you time to do so, and what have you done? Nat!

Thus, a faulty confession will never come to light, never reach God’s sight!

Your account will be placed with countless other acts committed and before the judged, judged, nil and void: and you will be scorched by the fire that has within its grip, the balances of weights, and you surly be found deficient.

With God and his benches, you cannot bribe or bully, ride rough-shod over, there will be no defilement of the judiciaries-

Ere, lest you be unswervingly true to the facts, and repent, you will have no chance! And this all must be done before the Angel of Death comes!

The angels will not surrender to your brutal dominion, you had on earth.

They too will execute the mandates of the Master!

Nor will they be by your side when you die to escort you to the next world, but rather the imps of Hell will be present, bash through the walls if necessary to reach you:

And the oarsman, by the river called Hades, will be waiting to take you across to Tartarus.

No: 4638/ 11-29-2014