Pockets of Light, Why Write? (2 Poems)

Pockets of Light

Stand you firm upon solid ground

yet island it may seem,

though taint of madness fast increase

I share with you this dream.

Across the globe a sickness grows

of virus planned and deadly,

as even now you see the signs

yield not to this bleak medley.

The Horsemen have once more let loose

upon a much-trained folk,

apocalypse of dismal tune

though many rashly joke.

There is no humor to this tale

that scans across the sea,

for I have seen insidious growth

they seek the brave and free.

Others of a weaker blend

have swallowed bait and hook;

no longer do they think or act,

blind eyes replace the book.

Their thoughts no longer keen exist;

respect for life seems dimmed,

though some of us still hear the notes

of freedom’s brightest hymns.

Blinded by machines and fads

and products most obscene,

the eyes of men have long gone blank

now programmed by the screen.

Titles rank and promised gifts

replace Man’s truth and duty,

once held so dear by one and all

compassion, love and beauty.

Our earth once known to birth us all

as mother to our joy,

now bleeds and sorrows in her pain,

a spoiled child’s toy.

Their lies throughout the world now spread

as elitists steal control,

they’ve aborted from each man and child

their spirit… and their soul.

But wait! before the sky goes dim,

mismanaged by these few,

we must establish islands;

I’m speaking now of YOU.

For still within the multitudes

of those whose eyes are blank,

are tiny bits of scattered light

and these I mean to thank.

We need to spread the quiet word

established deep within,

that if one soul still stands apart

protect him! bring him in!

Share your strength and courage

with others you shall meet,

but carefully reveal yourselves

and live by thought and feats.

Be wary of the blinded ones

for dangerous their plight,

as they will try to drag you down:

stand firm in freedom’s fight!

Be cautious of whom you trust

as you become most rare,

and seek out those with hearts like yours

they’re scattered everywhere.

Know when to speak and what to say,

protect your wit and might,

then join with others such as you

in pockets filled with light.

Stand you firm or bend at will

to nurture well this dream,

that madness can be cured at root

though deadly it may seem.

Send forth your strength and comfort

to those not yet gone blind,

and gather then more bits of light

each ray that you can find!

For goodness gathers as it grows…

on nurturing it thrives,

and madness shrinks when understood

by healthy wholesome lives.

This is not the end…

Why Write?

I write to feel better, in life to be effective…

To shift my inner balance and gain a clear perspective.

I write to sing a love song, my thanks for daily cheer…

To alter moods within me and soothe my every fear.

I write to leave a record, my living history…

Because it’s all important, at least it is to me.

I write to know my feelings, like any other man…

To deep explore my inner realm and thus… to understand.