Slave, Submit Yourself Not Only To Those Who Are Good And Considerate, But Also Those Who Are Harsh

In a deep chamber she excels,

delivering the instrument

black leather strips, sharpened whips

steel chains

Bare backed, naked buttocks, torn nipples,

severed penis, it happens quite slowly

in an act of extraordinary discipline,

admiration for the devil, mercy of the angels

Under a flame of white light there are demons, evil spirits, savages and ghouls, this is where the worlds collide

in ritual, brutal attacks, ghastly assaults, never missing

the point, in depravity mangling the body for those who are considerate and harsh, degeneration, scandalous merit, those ripped apart, still born, conflicted and always frayed, unravel the hard parts, disentangle them from the forest, the wilderness, the indubitable spark, the inner self, the life force,

the wild bushland, the woodland, the mulberry and the furtive trees

The indulgence is a substrate, a derivative of desire, pain, humiliation, a wide assortment of things, tough, stiff, firm, around the house, rigid moon, phallus, recycling ornaments in motion that are meant to eliminate any struggle and extinguish what may be dissent because absolute conformity can lead to desirable outcomes when someone has become the victim of flying fish and jaded birds cast off into some form of restraint yet there may be other ways to look through the layers as each of them may reveal a story, a history, the recapitulation of events,

a duration of time that has come to matter in chronicles, narration, archives, sagas, statuesque war memorials as ordinary material culture however petty may be measured in discrete epitaphs, irrelevant or unkind, but true wickedness will last forever in the servant and the slave because remnants can do much to revive bad feelings that might have simply gone away Settle quietly as there may be no reason to make a fuss as some people may argue that subservience is natural for those who have made their gardens all rosy and red, still the predicament may escalate if it is not taken care of before the heavy rain comes in an episode that may end too soon with nefarious escapades that have taken the wash long before the final judgement day, so do what you must, offer it up as there may be few opportunities to do what might please barbed wire, wooden thorns and other intrusive devices yet that may be part of the appeal, sad comments on a foggy night fleeing all that has been given but the resolution may only occur with the destruction of the mind as there shall be a demolition razing a leveling of the make-up, desolation in a blow tool consolation

in a very long row

Still there is little doubt that efforts to support an easement might tarnish and taint

as who could possibly subject themselves to such a perilous fate as there are many varlets who will disappear, vanish, perish and decline but this is not before

there is a shot from a beacon that will fire from somewhere up above, scarlet ribbons shall penetrate the blood from an open wound bringing awareness about what may occur in a future that may exist in a dead dogs mind, floating objects that mix and rhyme but whatever may happen is not likely to be seen in color for there are few disciples who could make such an appearance whether they come in abstract visions projected from unfinished emotion in thoughts that may wander in drifting signs, iconic images on vacillating fences that push short boundaries into unbolted areas before genuine death ensues fast tramps in a better man’s clothes utterly defeated by the resulting abuse cabalistic in fine shades and hues, a pastoral experience for all to begin to grasp and glow.