The Heart Does Not Feel Less – AND – Life Is Like the Sky


The heart doesn’t stop feeling what your years would defy.

Age, is just a counting of years.

But what your heart feels is innumerable and not applicable to any period in time.

The heart does not feel less, the childlike joy of a gift that brings a happiness that makes our spirit want to jump up and down with glee.

The heart does not feel less, the excitement one feels when a particular person lights that teenage-like thrill that sparks our inner teenager with infatuation. Though our age tempers the infatuation of our young-hearted being, it does not dim the thrill.

The heart does not feel less, the glorious splendor of Yosemite; the rejuvenating power of its sanctity and magic. Though our bodies may no longer be capable of trekking its trails or climbing its high mountained beauty. Our hearts still rollick and revel ‘neath the cottonwoods and along the babbling cold waters of the Merced River. Our eyes glance upwards and we picture a younger self on the high paths, with dizzying views of the valley below. It is exhilarating. Age has no bearing on our thoughts. Our hearts take rein.

The heart does not enjoy less the infectious giggle of a child, or the uplifting warmth of a dog’s goofy smile and fast wagging tail. Though our years may prevent us now from sharing our world with a child or a furry family member, our hearts embrace the laughing child and the devoted dog with precious regard and virtual arms.

The heart does not feel less, the inspiration of a bright dawning sun, nor the technicolor brilliance of a sunset. The heart doesn’t feel less the heart-stopping arc of an orange-red harvest moon. Though our aged eyes may view these dimly, our hearts glorify nature’s works to our mind’s eye.

The years live in and weaken our bodies. But it is the heart that gives us life. And it will do so regardless of our years; by residing in our spirit and in our soul.

The heart does not feel less. And that, is ageless.

–Kathy A. Pippig


Some days, dark stormy clouds slowly fill and move across the sky above – yet exquisite beams of sunlight will brighten and warm the earth below, through gaps between the clouds.

Life is like the sky -” the drop down” – which brings shadows and shivery darkness, light and delightful warmth. The clouds and sunlight, like strokes from a brush, drift over our body, press into our soul and awaken our spirit… Life is like this.

The dark clouds are too far away to touch or move, while sunshine is mercurial and fleeting. Storm clouds will drift away. And night’s darkness may give way to a day ablaze with sunlight.

So, why dwell upon the storm clouds – they are too distant to change. Likewise, we cannot hold on to a beam of deliciously warm sunshine – we can only enjoy it. Bask in it, and smile.

Life is like the sky.

-K.A. Pippig