The Little Child

It was a sunny afternoon and I was spending some lovely bonding time with my 7 months old in a park. I laid her on a soft cotton sheet and watched her play with leafs, grass roots and dry branches. She was curious towards everything she saw and touched, and the innocence was reflected in her eyes and on her face. Her ability to appreciate simple things like birds, grass and trees amazed and touched me deeply.

As adults, we all have so many goals to achieve, so many standards to uphold and so many buckets of the past that we cannot let go. Too often we are immersed in our grown-up world that we forget it does not take much for us to smile, laugh and enjoy our day to day life. The inspiration of living and enjoying the moment does not come from others, but lies within ourselves. That is something I learnt from my little angel.

The little child

After thirty something years

I finally realise

There is a simple way to enjoy every day’s life.

No matter how big or small

No matter how dark or bright

It will always guide me back to the path of right.

It does not require a superman or woman

It has nothing to do with the wallet size

And don’t laugh at the beggar at road side

He or she might have a happier day than you just had.

Ask ourselves this question

Why we grow older and supposedly wiser but not able to smile more often?

What changed that little heart of ours used to drench in simple satisfaction

Now is a trench that can’t be filled by enough complication?

There is a mini me inside everyone’s soul

That is untarnished by all the greed and need

Go home and spend some time alone

Talk to the mini me and be acquainted again.

This little child of yourself

Will lead you through the maze of life

It is the original version of you

No need to copy anyone else for sure.

When you make peace with that child

You will find windows and doors appear in the walls of your house

Light can now shine through because you have unlocked the mystery box.

Then go on living your normal life

Be it whatever you like

But do remember the little child

Watching and giggling inside you and asking for a one on one, from time to time.