We Wish You Happiness

In the world where the crazy snow spins around,

Where the seas threaten with an abrupt wave,

Where at times one waits for the kindly item of news for a long while.

It is very necessary for each of us to know that there is happiness on the earth.

We wish you happiness and

Good luck in this big world!

May it comes into your house in the way

As in the mornings the sun does it.

We wish you happiness,

And it should be such one –

When you are happy,

Share your happiness with another!

In the world where there is no rest to winds,

Where the cloudy sunrise happens,

Where on the long journey one often dreams about home

It is necessary both in a thunder-storm and in a snowfall

So that someone’s glance of the very kind eyes should warm you.

In the school’s window some clouds peep up,

The lesson seems endless.

The creak of pens is heard in the class-room

and lines of the words are falling on the pages.

The first falling in love, those sonorous years,

there were pieces of the ice-glass in the blue puddles.

Such wonderful things never could be repeated!

An imperceptible glance of the astonished eyes

and the words a little bit vague.

One feels like changing completely the world

After heard such words the very first time.

A song of rain rolls by stream,

the green winds rustle.

Jealousy without reason, quarrels for nothing –

It all was as if it were yesterday.

There is a golden city under the blue sky,

with the transparent gates and the bright star

and also in that city there is a garden,

with, more often than not, herbs and flowers,

the animals of unprecedented beauty dwell there:

One is a yellow fire-mane lion,

another is an ox full of eyes

with them there is a heavenly golden eagle,

whose unforgettable glance is so bright.

And in the blue sky one star shines.

It’s yours, my angel, it’s yours forever.

Who loves, that one is loved,

who is lucid, that one is holy.

Let the star leads you along a road

into that wonderful garden.

You will be met there both by the fire-mane lion

and by the blue ox full of eyes,

also with them will be the heavenly golden eagle,

whose unforgettable glance is so bright.

It would be necessary for me to compare you my foggy distance

which is the most remote and the most desired with a nightingale’s song,

with a May morning, with a quiet garden, with a slim mountain ash, with a bird cherry.

How it all happened, in what evenings? I have been dreaming of you for three years

and have met only yesterday.

I do not sleep any more, I keep my dream and won’t compare you my dear one with anything.

It would be necessary for me to compare you with the first beauty

which touches my heart with her cheerful eyes,

which is the most remote and the most desired have come quite unexpectedly.

I raise my glass to your health, yet I wish to be drunk not with wine but with your love. The blind jealousy torments us but the vain tortures will pass and I shall be drunk every time when our hands will be intertwined.

Just look into my eyes with your intelligent ones, please charm me away with your tender words so that my heart would miss a beat in my breast as in my youth and so that I should remain drunk with you until dawn.

I can go all the world round so that to intertwine our hands again. Just mean out at our meeting I shall be drunk with the ending of our parting. I’ll raise my glass to your health, yet I’d like to be drunk not with wine but with your love.

Being eager to quench my spiritual thirst I trudged in the gloomy desert as out of nowhere a six-winged seraph appeared suddenly before me at the crossroads.

It touched my eyes with its fingers as light as a dream.

There and then I have got my clairvoyance gift.

After that it touched my ears, –

and they were filled with some ringing and noise:

in consequence I have heard both the shudder of sky and the angel’s heavenly flight, and the underwater moves of the marine reptiles, and the vegetation’s process of a vine of the dale.

Then it rooted out my sinful wicked talkative tongue and with its bloodstained right hand put a sting of the wise snake into my speechless mouth.

Thereupon it cut my chest with its sword, took out my quivering heart and replace it with a fire-brand.

I lay like a corpse in the desert and the voice of God called to me:

O prophet, get up, both behold and hear, please execute my will without fail:

go round seas and lands, exciting with your words the hearts of people.

Once I knew eyes – oh, those eyes!

How do I loved them, indeed!

I could not tear away from them my soul,

from their magical passionate depth.

In that incomprehensible glance,

exposing life to the bottom,

were seen such grief and passion!

In the thick shade of her eyelashes

it breathed sad and deep,

fatal like suffering and fatiguing like pleasure.

Even during these wonderful instants

I never had any chance to meet it

without emotion or to admire without tears.

Having cast away with my thought

a mundane life I look timidly

into the dark distance;

I do not know myself what I miss,

I do not know myself what I wish.

With the wave crushing between reefs,

with the ray of silver moon,

with the dawn which is favorite by song

my feelings are suddenly confused.

Both hope, fear and recollections

are quietly crowded round me;

I cannot express in the words

my soul’s unintentional dream.

The clarity of the old days

looms dark as some sad gloom;

the vision of my darling

flashes past and entices,

captivating my eyes

in the darkness of nights.

It appears to me that

I hear some singing

from under the dim clouds…

and at my heart I am ready

to cherish the secret excitement.

I was caught in the net by love and poverty forever.

Even being poor wouldn’t bother me,

if there were no love in the world.

Why destiny-the separator is always a hindrance for love?

And why love is a slave of prosperity and success?

After all, riches and homage bring little joy,

therefore I’m sorry for both cowards and fools

whose hearts are conquered by their force.

When your eyes shine in darkness, I lose my mind,

yet there is a piece of advice on your lips to keep prudence.

Only that poor fellow with his ingenuous love

is happy in the world who is not envy at all of rich class.

Oh why, the cruel fate is always a hindrance for love

whose flower wouldn’t bloom without fame and success?

The dark eyes, the passionate ones!

The eyes are both burning and fine!

Oh, how do I love you! Oh, how do you scare me!

It seems that just at the inopportune time I have seen you!

Well, not without reason you are darker than the depth of sea!

In those eyes for my soul I behold the mourning,

In them I see the victorious flame:

I say, they have burnt my unfortunate heart.

Yet I am not sad, still I am not unhappy,

All the same my destiny is comforting:

After all, all the best of that God have given us

I’ve sacrificed for those fire-eyes.

How many times it was repeated to the world that flattery is both nasty and harmful,

but all in vain and therefore some flatterer can always worm oneself into your favor.

Once God sent a slice of cheese to a Crow; having perched on a spruce it was about to have lunch,

but holding cheese in its beck the Crow got into the pensive mood. As bad luck would have it in the vicinity a Fox ran about;

all of a sudden the smell of cheese made it halt: the Fox had seen the cheese and had been seduced with it,

the rogue approached to the fir-tree on tiptoe; it wagged its tail and was all eyes.

Holding its breath it pleasantly said: “My dear, you are so exquisite! What the nice feathers!

And what the lovely beck! As a matter of fact they are truly fantastic! Perhaps you have an angelical voice!

Sing, darling, be not ashamed! If into a bargain with such beauty you are capable to splendidly sing,

well, then you must be a diva!” Out of the praise the head of the prophetic bird had started spinning,

in pleasure the breath was caught in its craw, –

there the Crow cawed with might and main in reply to the friendly words of the Fox:

the piece of cheese dropped out – and the Crow ever beheld neither it, nor the cheat again.