All About Laser Tattoo Removal – Before and After With Everything In-Between

Laser tattoo removal has become a top choice for those who have old or unwanted ink, it is also a useful tool if you want to lighten a specific part of your ink to continue with another design.

Until recently, those who accidentally chose to have a tattoo after a night on the town and regretted it the next day, feel embarrassment. With the state of the art laser treatments now available, you can have the ink removed in a few sessions over a period.

It’s very important that you understand that you will not get overnight results. In fact it will take a few sessions over a few months before the ink is completely removed, this is because your body needs a break between sessions and it gives your immune system a chance to absorb and drop the ink particles.

There are some very important steps you have to take before you have laser tattoo removal. It is imperative that you don’t spend days in the sun. What you don’t realize is that sun exposure can cause depigmentation, causing the treatment area to go white and stand out compared to the rest of your skin tone.

If you are nervous about the treatment, it’s advisable to have something to eat at least an hour before the treatment starts. This helps boost your sugar levels and reduces the risk of you feeling nauseous or light headed during the treatment.

When you first decide to use laser tattoo removal, you will speak to a professional technician and be given a choice of options to make sure successful removal. You can also decide whether to have a local anesthetic during the treatment. Chances are if you managed to sit through having a tattoo in the first place, you won’t need an anesthetic.

Should you choose the anesthetic, then take note that you will have to arrive at least an hour before your treatment session, giving the numbing potion time to work.

The treatment itself is a little uncomfortable and painful. Lasers move over the site carefully breaking up the ink. The several times the laser goes over the site for your treatment. This will also decide how long each session is.

The color ink is also a big reason with darker colors taking longer than lighter colors to fade. If you choose the R20 treatment, such as, you will notice rapid results.

Once the treatment is over you will notice the tenderness in the area, it may even blister. Expect some swelling for at least twenty-four hours as your body repairs itself. This is nothing to worry about and is completely normal.

The technician that carried out your laser tattoo removal session should cover the site with an antiseptic cream, avoiding any infection and cover the site with a dressing, which you should wear for the rest of the day at least.

Over the next few days you will notice blisters appear and they will dry out and start to flake. Do not be tempted to pick at them or use a rough sponge to remove them. Let your body repair itself, picking or exfoliation can cause scaring, which is the last thing you want after going through such a process to start your tattoo removal process.

Finally, it is imperative that you stay out of the sun after laser tattoo removal treatment.