Erase Tattoo – Erasing and Covering Tattoos

Many people end up undergoing tattoos regret so one of the things they look to do is erase tattoo ink. Maybe the reminder of the relationship that failed isn’t something that you want to be reminded of everyday when you look in the mirror or maybe you’re facing a job where it could hinder your chances of actually being employed. So what are your choices when you find yourself in a position like this? How do you get rid of your unwanted bits of ink?

Erasing Ink

When it comes down to erasing any ink that you don’t want the most known method to go through is the use of laser tattoo removal. This is the method of a laser penetrating the skin layers and breaking up the pigment of the tattoo and allowing the body to then get rid of it (normally with the help of aloe vera to trap and remove any leftover pigment). This normally takes a few weeks to months depending on the size and the colours used on the piece and other factors like how new your piece may be as well.

The benefits of this is that it is effective for anyone and is recommended a lot from people who have used it but the only reason why this isn’t used much by everyone is that the cost for this is in fact quite high especially for larger pieces that you may find that you have and this can end up burning a hole through anyone’s wallet which is something that you don’t want to happen.

Covering Tattoos

If you are looking to instead cover your unwanted ink you can also use things such as removal creams to fade (and even remove) it down so that it is easier for your artist to cover.

When it comes to these creams it once again works in the same way as the laser, the cream penetrates the skins as you rub it in and this leads to the particles in the cream breaking up the pigment and allowing the body to go forward to remove it. This too will take a course of weeks to months depending of factors such as size and colours and depth etc.

This can also be used to in fact remove tattoos completely as well if you keep going through the process. So if you don’t want to go through the trouble of getting laser removal then this option may be for you but you will have to keep in mind how big your piece is, how deep it is, whether or not it is new and what colours are in it – things like this will affect the overall time that you’re going to have to go through for removal.

Normally fading a piece will make it easier for a tattooist to go onto covering up with a design of your choice so this might be something that you will want to look into if you are going down the route to erase tattoos so that you can cover it up.