How To Apply and Remove Temporary Tattoos

Halloween is almost here and so are a lot of awesome costume ideas. These costume ideas are even better if you add-on a temporary tattoo.

There are two kinds of temporary tattoos these days: the ink kind that you use water to apply to the skin and cloth ones. Cloth ones? I will explain. Have you ever seen the cloth sleeves or shirts that make it look like you have a tattoo?

The FDA do not regulate temporary tattoos so make sure to choose a credible brand and find out about the source and manufacturer of the tattoo before putting it on your body. Recent reports indicate that temporary tattoos from China with red, orange and yellow colors could be contaminated. It is important to research the product, manufacturer and current warnings about these tattoos before applying to the body. The FDA publishes warnings on their website regularly and often these warnings are shared with press to expand the warning.

How to apply the perfect ink temporary tattoo:

1. Clean the area with a cotton ball and either soap/water or rubbing alcohol.

2. Place the tattoo where you want it.

3. Take a damp (not soaking wet) wash cloth and press on the backside of the tattoo.

4. Hold it there for a minute (count 60 seconds); try not to move as this will help make the tattoo the best.

5. Remove your hand.

6. Remove the tattoo by grabbing a corner of the paper and peel SLOWLY and carefully; you want the most of the tattoo to appear on your skin as possible.

These tattoos last an average of 3-4 days before they begin to fade and peel. Avoiding excessive exposure to water to make sure the tattoo does not remove itself.

How to remove an ink temporary tattoo (with nail polish remover):

1. Put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball. You can also use rubbing alcohol.

2. Rub the area with the nail polish remover soaked cotton ball. You will see the ink start to chip and flake as it peels. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you will have to reapply the remover or rubbing alcohol or even use another cotton ball. If you use a wash cloth, you can easily remove the tattoo.

3. Rinse the area after the ink is gone. Use warm water to rinse; after that is done, wash the area with soap and water.