How To Fade A Tattoo – What Can Naturally Lighten Tattoos?

Feeling some regret about a recent tattoo? Looking for the answer of how to fade a tattoo? Then you’ve come to the right place. With many different options now being available to help with the process of removal, this article will let you discover various methods of naturally removing the unwanted ink from underneath your skin.

How It All Works

For those of you w ho don’t know the methodology of it all here’s a quick breakdown of how it all works and with this information you can understand how you can go on to removing your unwanted piece.

All you need to understand is that the ink is put in the skin by a needle and under the layers it forms a pigment which is too big for the body to break down and remove itself.

With this in mind to fade a tattoo what you need to do is to break down this pigment, by doing this you allow the pieces to become smaller and easier to be removed by your body, therefore getting rid of your unwanted ink.

Removal Methods

· Creams

A method most commonly known is the use of removal creams. These are creams which you apply daily to your unwanted piece for a period of time until removal is successful.

These creams are designed to be absorbed in the skin and this helps break up the tattoo pigment which slowly allows the body to go on to removing it.

Just by taking a look at Google you can see the vast amount of products out there and for this reason you will want to make sure that you research into them before rushing in and just randomly choosing one.

· Aloe Vera and water based solutions

Aloe Vera and water based solutions are sometimes heard of being used to help the removal of unwanted ink.

These work the same way as the creams, you rub them into the skin and then the solution will help bring out the ink in the skin.

The best way that this can be done is alongside another method such as the creams or even laser removal.

Laser Removals

Although not a natural method, laser removals are another way of removal, the way these work is a laser is pointed at the pigment and is fired repeatedly to break it down letting the body get rid of it when the pigment is small enough (this is why using aloe vera is beneficial with this method).

Laser removal can be expensive depending on the size and ink used in a tattoo so it is not always the most recommended option but it is effective and has proven results with people trying to fade a tattoo.

Cover Ups

This isn’t a method of removal but instead one that many people go on to consider. Cover ups are all in the name, covering up with another piece which could be a much easier solution for many people out there and possibly cheaper.

Some people have been known to fade a tattoo before going for cover ups as it helps clear the canvas a bit and makes it easier to take the new ink.