How To Fade A Tattoo – Wrecking Balm Reviews

One of the many ways to fade a tattoo that seems to be causing a lot of commotion is the use of tattoo removal cream and more specifically wrecking balm. This is basically the use of cream to break down your unwanted ink instead of going for the surgical methods and laser removal methods which are a lot more expensive and also have been said to be more painful, so is this method worth a look into?

How It Works?

The first thing you need to know is how it actually works. The method is very simple, what happens is that you gently remove the outer layer of skin (a lot less painful than it sounds, the first layer is like shedding skin) with a handheld medical device and what this does is allow you to do the second part of the process which is rubbing the area with the cream which easily sinks into the skin to go onto breaking up the unwanted ink pigment. Once the pigment starts to break up the body will start to reject the unwanted ink and you will see this come out when you wash the area.

By repeating this process over a course of time you should be able to see the unwanted ink start to fade out.

Versus Laser Removal

The science to this process is in fact the same as laser removal; the laser penetrates the skins and breaks up the tattoo pigment allowing the body to therefore get rid of it. This too fades over a course of weeks or months depending on the size of the piece.

This shows that it too works in the same way and can be just as effective.

How Long Does Removal Take?

If you are expecting instant removal then this isn’t the method for you, this method does take some time and there are factors that need to be kept in mind that can mean that this method will take more time such as how deep the ink is, whether or not the ink is fresh or old, what colours have been used (some are easier to remove than others) and how big the piece you’re trying to remove is.

You need to keep this in mind when using creams such as wrecking balm and also the fact that it will take some time for the process to start working but after a while when the body is able to quickly go through surface cell renewal you will start to see a lot more progress so make sure that you hold on out.

Will It Work For Me?

This method is said to work for anyone even regardless of race (keep in mind that when trying to fade a tattoo from an area of skin it may lighten that area up until the new skin has been regenerated). Many people give up with this option because they don’t see results however this method does take time for some people as they may have thicker skins which takes longer to break through and some may have colour etc however for some people the method just won’t work.