How to Get a Perfect Lizard Tattoo on Your Body

Lizards are just one of those creatures that – no matter how one looks at them – they are just fascinating. They are wonderful to have around the houseplants because they consume other far more obnoxious critters that damage the plants – and bite everyone else. An interesting fact about lizards is that they symbolize many things in other cultures. For some they are the symbol of resurrection, while others see lizards as a sign of good fortune. In some cultures these wonderful little creatures are a gift symbolizing divine wisdom, and in others conservation and agility. With so much going on for these wondrous creatures, many people want to preserve one in the form of a tattoo, and there are several ways methods of how to get a perfect lizard tattoo on your body.

Lizard’s Galore

One reason that lizards are so popular with tattoo designers is that they have a long body, and a cute face, and the designer can arrange them in an infinite number of styles. They can be comical and adorable, and very colorful like the gecko that runs around the gardens. They easily scale walls, and climb across ceilings and rafters with ease. There’s actually no limitation to the combinations of colors that tattoo designers can use to create a custom tattoo design of a lizard. With over 5000 species of lizards around the world from every continent except Antarctica (they aren’t quite that cold blooded), they come in many sizes, with patterns of spots, stripes, and colors – many that change color the longer they are in the sun. It’s just a matter of picking the lizard that appeals the most.

Assorted Species

When looking for that perfect lizard to put into a tattoo, think about what story the tattoo is to portray. If it is longevity, such as that found in the tuatara lizard that has virtually remain unchanged for 140 million years. Some types of lizards represent incredible survival skills like the chuckwallas of the American Southwest – when they are threatened, they crawl into a crevice and expand their bodies to more than double their size, where nothing can pull them out. The frilled lizard intimidates enemies by spreading the frills that are along their necks and appearing very threatening. If the symbolism if to depict great survival skills, and defensive skills there is simply few better than the lizards.

Many species of lizards live to be quite old, and are also a great symbol of longevity and resilience. The lizard is a visible depiction of strength and endurance. Finding that perfect lizard to design amongst the flowers, the tribal patterns, or the Celtic pattern provides an almost endless assortment of possibilities.

Mystical, Ageless Creatures

When looking for that perfect tattoo, consider the mystical lizard. A creature that has been around for millions of years, and epitomizes endurance and can range from funny to fierce with just a stroke of color, and a line here and there. There are some incredible designs from which to choose, all that needs to be done is to determine how to get a perfect lizard tattoo on your body, and which design tells your story.