How To Get An Unconventional Bear Tattoo Design (Open Tattoo Design Contests)

Bear tattoos offer different meanings and symbolisms, depending on how they are drawn and depicted. For Christians, bears represent regeneration and reform. For the Celtics, bears signified warfare. Pueblo Indians, on the other hand, view bears as representations of healing, battle and hunting.

Because of the cuteness and many representations associated with bear tattoos, you might end up with a style that is very common. You might even get one very similar to your friend.

If you do not want this to happen, then it is best that you host an open tattoo design contest.

Why is an open tattoo design contest advantageous for you?

A bear tattoo, which can represent a lot of things, can be drawn vaguely if you are confused as to what meaning to have. But with a design contest, you can have exactly what you want – and maybe more! As the brains behind the event, you get a say of what you want your bear tattoo to be. You can create a rule limiting the tattoo to just a bear, or perhaps request for a mean-looking one. With an open tattoo design, you can have exactly what you want. You do not have to make amends with what is available on the look book.

How to Get the Perfect Design Through Your Open Tattoo Design Contest

If you want to get the best bear tattoo design possible, you need to be clear about what you expect the style to be.

First, you need to be clear about the size of tattoo. You can request for a small tattoo measuring 3 by 3 inches or smaller, or a medium-sized tattoo measuring anywhere from three to six inches. You can also demand for a large tattoo measuring 6 to 10 inches.

You need to be clear about where you would like to have the tattoo as well, as some parts of the body are not conducive to some designs. Indicate in your contest guidelines if you are going to put it on a large area, such as the chest or the back, or on a small area such as the nape, ankle or behind the ear.

Lastly, you should be clear about the specifications of the design and style in order to have the perfect design you are looking for.

Other Benefits of an Open Tattoo Contest

Not only can a tattoo design contest give you an unconventional bear tattoo ink, it can help elevate the status of the winner as well.

If the champion of your contest is a new artist, then the prestige of your competition can give him the boost that can assist his practice. True enough, a design contest can serve as a two-way street that benefits you, the organizer, and the winner as well.

Bear tattoos are great designs if you want to symbolize your healing, battles in life and reformation, among many other things. If you want to get an accurate description of body ink, then get the greatest design available by hosting an open tattoo design contest.