How To Get Gorgeous Calligraphy Tattoos?

Calligraphy tattoos are very famous nowadays, because of their sheer beauty and mystery. In fact, many celebrities favor this style, such as David Beckham, who has eight symbols of calligraphy on his back.

Calligraphy tattoos are simply defined as permanent ink made with visual writing art. The design is usually drawn with the use of a broad tip writing instrument.

Whether it is Chinese calligraphy, or Japanese kanji, there are several ways for you to get the gorgeous calligraphy ink that you have always wanted. Here are some tips on how you can get enticing calligraphy tattoo that embodies your personality, ideals and philosophies.

Personally Search the Internet

If you want a cheap way to get gorgeous calligraphy tattoos, then the best thing you can do is search the Internet for Chinese or Japanese symbols of the characters and terminologies that you want to have on your skin. If you cannot find an image right away, you can visit translation websites and have your mantra or philosophy converted to calligraphy for free.

Look Up ‘Chinese Calligraphy’

If you do not have a definite idea of the tattoo you want to have, then another term you can look up in image search engines is “Chinese calligraphy.” After hitting enter, you will be treated to a wide variety of calligraphy tattoos from all around the globe. It is just up to you to make a pick. If you do not mind not being unique, then this activity can help you get the gorgeous calligraphy tattoo that will make you stand out.

Seek the Help of a Friend

If you have a pal or a colleague who can speak and write Chinese or Japanese, then he can help you come up with a gorgeous calligraphy tattoo. Just give him the word or term you want and let him write the character on a piece of paper. It does not matter if he writes the character nicely. Right after getting the design, you can bring it to your tattoo artist so he can fix it or modify it. Afterwards, he can replicate the improved design on your skin.

Consult a Professional

If you want to have the most gorgeous calligraphy ink in town, then the best thing you can do is consult a tattoo professional. With his expertise and years of experience, he can provide you with a design or character that you will definitely adore. Additionally, he can give you a unique style of tattoo, which you will not most likely have if you just searched the internet for a character.

The best part of consulting with a professional is that he can ink you right away. So if you are really decided to get a calligraphy tattoo, then this is the measure you should carry out.

Getting a gorgeous calligraphy tattoo does not require you to go to China or Japan anymore. By following these techniques on how to obtain impressive calligraphy ink, you will be able to get a revolutionary design right at the comfort of your own home.