How To Show Your Heroism? – Get Dog Tattoos

Dogs are man’s best friends. As loyal and faithful companions, they are loved and cared for by their masters.

Some masters are truly indebted to their dogs that they show their devotion for them through dog tattoos. If you want to show your gratitude to your dog, as well as your heroism, then it is about time that you got inked with dog tattoos.


Apart from being man’s best friend, dogs were regarded as gateway guards by many ancient civilizations. Greco-Romans and Egyptians saw dogs as guides who helped human souls cross from one world to the next.

The Celtics, on the other hand, perceived dogs as symbols of courage and persistence. These meanings are related to the fact that dogs are the Celtics’ companions when it comes to hunting. Some breeds, on the other hand, were even trained to assist the soldiers in battle. The dogs were also connected with Nodens, who the Celtics praise as the god of nutritive waters. Because of this association, dogs were also deemed protective cohorts in the community.

Apart from spiritual guides, dogs were also seen as signs of good luck. The Chinese, most specifically, attributed good fortune, prosperity and obedience to the dog. These representations are usually connected to the existence of the Fu Dog, which are known to protect sacred infrastructures in China.

Color Choices

Apart from having distinct symbolisms, you can demonstrate other meanings by choosing the color of your dog tattoo. For example, white dogs usually embody purity, virtue, clarity and stamina. Red dogs, on the other hand, represent victory and virility. Black dogs, meanwhile, are thought of as protective symbols, since they are related to Hecate, who assumes the form of a shadow in most myths.

Sign of Friendship

For the native Americans, dogs are regarded as helpful aids that assist them with their daily activities. Before horses were widely used in communities, dogs helped farmers and hunters in their jobs. With their assistive capacities, dog tattoos can be regarded as signs of friendship, fidelity, assistance and community.

Sign of Protection

Apart from being a spiritual guide, dogs are seen as guides of all kinds of journeys – mental, physical, name it. For these reasons, having a dog tattoo design can become your safety charm, or a sign of protection. If your life and work entails you to take risks every day, then a dog tattoo is what you need to get yourself protected at all times.

Sign of Heroism

Dogs are considered heroes by most. They sniff bombs and drugs from unlikely suspects, and they guide their visually-impaired masters as well. Because of these attributes, dog tattoos are regarded as symbols of heroism. If you want to show your gratitude to your helpful mutt, or if you want to demonstrate your valor and bravery, then a dog tattoo is what you need to have.

When it comes to demonstrating heroism, protection and friendship, no sign is better than that of dog tattoos. With their numerous styles and different color options, dog tattoos are considered perfect choices for first-timers and veterans alike.