In Loving Memory – Memory Banner Tattoos

When someone near and dear to the heart dies, whether after a lengthy illness or because they were suddenly taken in a tragic accident; one way some people choose to remember those friends is with an In Loving Memory – Memory Banner Tattoos. They come in many styles and can be as large and intricate or as small and delicate as desired; it just depends on the wearer’s sentiment and how much they want to show off the memory.

Intricate and Detailed Crosses

One of the most popular styles of a loving memory tattoo is a cross that is intricately designed with surrounding banners of the beloved’s name. Many of these crosses have swirls of flowers or ivy running around the cross or the words, while others have intricate designs that look almost Celtic in design (many actually use a form of Celtic knots to tie the loved one’s name to the cross) and had even deeper meaning to the details. Many folks have military heroes in their lives that have been lost for a variety of reasons, and one of the most popular is the cross with the flag draped over the cross and the emblem of the branch of military in which they served above or below the cross.

Angel Designs

Some people want to remember their departed loved one as an angel who watches over them, and their design of a beautiful angle holding the name of the beloved is a beautiful design that brings lasting memories. The “Gone but Not Forgotten” angel is a fabulous design that clearly carries the message of how much the deceased person meant to the wearer. For those who have lost a child, several have chosen a cherub angel with the child’s name to never forget.

Praying Hands

One form of remembrance that is known throughout the world is praying hands, because it is known to all religions across the globe. To have the loved one’s name in a ribbon around the praying hands identifies the constant prayer for their memory. The praying hands, for some people are a reminder, that the deceased is praying for them as well.

Banners and Scrolls

Some custom tattoo designers have created some extremely intricate and beautifully detailed banners and scrolls with the name of the deceased on the scroll. Many of these are joined by angels or doves, and some even depict hearts (some broken) at the top of the banner to shown the love that has been lost.


Some tattoo designers are asked to do a Rest in Peace tombstone for the departed loved one that reminds the wearer that the person is resting and no longer suffering. For some that brings a peace to the loneliness experiences after the death. Some of these are done with accents of doves or roses to bring a peace and beauty to the memory as well.

Final Rewards

Regardless of the design that reminds a person of a beloved friend or family member, there are many designs that depict In Loving Memory – Memory Banner Tattoos that are beautiful designs and a wonderful tribute to the departed.