Ladybug Tattoos and Its Meanings

One of the few insects that are associated with beauty and luck is the ladybug. They are considered to be quite “cute” and very “lady-like”; however, they do bite when they are angry or disturbed (much like the “cute” lady wearing the ladybug tattoo). There are some great legends associated with the ladybug, which is why so many people choose to have them in designed in with their tattoos, so let’s look at Ladybug Tattoos and its Meanings.

Ladybug Legends

There are many stories around the globe about the ladybug and how she brings good weather, health, luck, and certainly fortune. One of the best legends of the ladybug occurred in Europe during the middle ages during one of the worst insect infestations and plagues of all times. The insects were destroying all the crops; and the people were starving. They began to pray to the Virgin Mary for help, and their prayers were answered in the form of large numbers of lady bugs who descended on these destructive insects and killing them; the crops then began to grow and flourish. These wonderful ladybugs became known as the “Beetles of Our Lady”, which evolved into “Lady Beetles” and later shortened into “Ladybugs”.

Another legend tells that if a lady bug landed on someone who was ill, the ladybug would take away the illness and the person would become well again. And as a prognosticator, if a ladybug lands on a new bride, the number of spots on the ladybug’s back indicates the number of children the new bride would bear.

Designing and Placement of the Ladybug

One of the reasons that ladybug designs are so popular in tattoo design contests is that they can be designed with a wide variety of flowers and frills. The tattoo designers can help determine the best location on the body to place the pretty little lady. In addition, placement of the ladybug also tells something about the person getting the tattoo. The ladybug placed on the chest – because it’s close to the heart – symbolizes the person’s devotion and love.

Putting the ladybug on the neck indicates a person who is willing to take risks in life. (Generally, many employers are unwilling to hire employees with visible tattoos.) These people tend to make bold decisions, but having a tattoo on the neck is also one of the most painful places for a tattoo.

When the ladybug tattoo is placed on the back, it’s well hidden (during normal business hours and staff meetings), but it tells of the mystery of the person. Tattoos on the fingers and feet are also very common, but difficult to hide on the hand. Get a lovely little ladybug tattooed on the hand and see how many people try to pick her off the hand during the day.

Ladybug Ladybug What do You Say

There are many children’s rhymes around the world written about ladybugs flying away, and landing in little girl’s hands. These wonderful, mystical, tiny little creatures are welcomed all across the globe and for tattoo artists; they come in many colors and styles, and are so easy to work into many beautiful designs.