Tattoo Removal – The Main Reasons Why People Want Tattoos Removed

Thinking about tattoo removal? Trying to decide if you are the right candidate for the procedure? Luckily you are not alone! In fact, many Americans are experiencing the same mixed emotions and looking for options to remove their ink. Everyone has a reason but the overwhelming amount of people do regret their choice. People want to move forward with their lives.

You and 45 million other people in the US are getting tattoos removed this year. Find out why and just how many people there are just like you, choosing to move forward with their lives and removing tattoos. In 2013 an estimated 1.65 Billion dollars were spent on tattoos in the US with an estimated 45 million people who have had at least one tattoo. While many of those people love their ink, 1 out of every 7people who get a new tattoo will choose to have laser tattoo removal at some point in the future. Out of the 14% of Americans who have a tattoo 17% of them experience regret over their ink. 11% of those people questioned will choose to go through with tattoo removal or are in the starting stages of their tattoo removal.

The most common reasons why people decide to go through with laser tattoo removal include:

    • YOUTH: Feeling that they are too young for the tattoo or realizing that their choice of tattoo in their teens or early twenties may have not been the best one. People who decide to keep tattoos generally have ink that has significant meaning behind them. When people choose their tattoos at a young age, the tattoo often lacks meaning and as people develop and mature they realize that they were rushing into getting a tattoo and are misunderstood as time goes on.


    • EMBARRASSMENT: People often express emotions such as embarrassment and feel as if they “Marked” themselves for life. Some people express frustration over tattoos they got intending on displaying a romantic gesture but now is reminding them over relationships of the past. People can also experience embarrassment over tattoos once they begin families and have children. Many people express regret and do not want to expose their tattoo to their children or have to explain the tattoo.


    • POOR ARTWORK: Many clients we have seen express regret over their choice of tattoo artist or studio. Other express there that they simply are not satisfied with the artwork the artist did and have regret over the picture they choose.


  • EMPLOYMENT: With the economy struggling in past years, people are going the extra mile when they are applying for jobs. No one wants to feel discriminated against because of their tattoos. Many employers are accepting of ink, but often do not feel the public feels the same. Some employers have clauses in their contracts that tattoos are not allowed and or covered during work hours. Other employers will simply disqualify even a competent candidate because of his or her tattoo.