Tattoo Removal Through Dermabrasion

The latest technique in the cosmetic industry is Dermabrasion. It has introduced an instrument with a rough surface to remove the outermost layer of the skin. This is used to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. This most promising and finest treatment is adapted to get rid off of the different skin troubles such as scars, wrinkles, acne, dark patches and many others.

Why Dermabrasion?

It can give you an amazing effect to enhance the appearance along with texture. It is also a cosmetic treatment which is opted by people who are going for tattoo removal treatment. Indeed there are many people out there who just love getting inked but there are few who are obligated to get the tattoo removed due to many reasons.

At times, the job does not allow as there are few professions that do not allow you to have tattoos. Still, tattoos are considered to be high spirited and care free-spirited individuals and are not considered apt for high rank and respected positions. Some people go for this to make some required changes in their life and tattoo should reflect some message. So, Dermabrasion has become the most sorted option for both reliability and safety aspect.

How Dermabrasion Works?

Under this technique, the outer layer of the skin is abraded with a brush that works with deep density and at a high speed. This is designed to reach under the skin where ink seeps in. Likely to other tattoo removal techniques, Dermabrasion requires more than one sitting to complete the removal process. This also makes the skin look clean, smooth and normal like it was before.

Dermabrasion Treatment is the safest tattoo removal exercise chosen by numerous people who want to get their tattoo removed in a successful way.

What to Expect from post-Dermabrasion Treatment

The process rips the outer layer of the skin. This part might look raw and dull, while there can be a chance of an infection too. The scars are the side effects but there are chances of other infections too as it is an aggressive treatment. Still, this is one of the best and safest option to get the tattoo removed with safety, ease, and no hassle.

How long will it take to Heal?

Mostly it takes a couple of weeks but you can witness reddened appearance in the treated areas for upcoming months. For at least six months you can find your skin to be itchy, red and swollen than rest of your skin. This new skin won’t take rest of your body skin, so it might look odd for initial days. Usually, after six months, the effect gets completely cleared up and you are left with no tattoo skin.

Who would not be suitable for the treatment

This treatment is not recommended for those you are prone to keloids, scarring, and hyperpigmentation.