How Can An Old Photo Restoration Service Help You?

Do you have old photos that are a bit damaged? Maybe their colors are faded or changed. This happens usually to old photos or the photos that have not been stored properly. The good news is that there are many old photo restoration methods out there. The digital methods are much better.

Can you restore any type of damaged photos?

You can contact a digital photo restoration service to get you black & white and color photos, slides or negatives retouched and restored if they are faded, stained, scratched, mildew damaged, water damaged or fire damaged.

How do they restore old photos?

Actually, professionals use a computer and various apps in order to restore damaged photos. In the first phase, they use a scanner for scanning the original slide, picture or negative to get a high resolution photo to work on. They don’t do anything to the original photo.

You can edit and restore your old picture from the comfort of your home if you have a computer and scanner. For editing the photos, of course, you need to install an image editing app on your computer. You can go for Photoshop, for example. Photoshop is easy to use if you are ready to spend the time to learn its basic functions.

But restoring old photos on your own will take you a good deal of time. Photoshop will let you use healing and cloning tools for repairing scratches and blemishes on the photos.

If your old photos are badly damaged, we recommend that you contact a photo restoration service provider. The experts will restore the photos by adjusting color, contrast and sharpness. Tears, scratches and dust will also be removed.

If you have photos that are partly burned or damaged due to mildew, you cannot fix them on your own unless you are an expert. Sometimes, photos are too damaged; their important parts are burned or missing. Experts can re-create the burned or missing parts with image editing software.

You will be amazed to know that today’s image restoration service providers can colorize your black & white photos as well. Objects in the background of an image can be added or removed.

Reasons to get your photos restored

Digital photos don’t fade or get damaged unless the CD or DVD they are stored on gets damaged. But other photos get damaged in a few years. After a few years, B&W photos start to turn yellow, while color photos start to turn pink. They deteriorate at a rapid pace if stored in a basement or exposed to sunlight.

Once you have got your photos restored, you can get their digital copies, which don’t deteriorate even after decades. Taking care of digital photos is a snap. All you need to do is write them on a DVD or CD and keep them in safe location.

So, by getting your old photos restored, you have a piece of mind that the photos of your loved ones won’t get damaged anymore. You couldn’t keep your loved ones with you, but you can definitely keep their photos with you for evermore.