Teenagers Expressing Art Through Wall Painting

Wall Painting is a form of art that makes walls attractive and colorful using paint and an imaginative mind of a person. Creating arts through the surface of the wall is a great idea to express someone’s thoughts about society, government, technology, environment and the future. Many people will be able to see these creative arts when they travel around the city or in any other places.

Teenagers nowadays always play video games, going online on social networking sites like Facebook, watching movies or TV series and shopping as a form of entertainment. With these hobbies, they will not be able to become productive and at the same time they waste a lot of time instead of honing their skills in arts or in any other fields. Some teenagers are influenced to take drugs through peer pressure. This kind of activity destroys their life and future.

Having a hobby that is productive is very important to keep someone away from bad activities like taking drugs and other hobbies that may affect his future. There are many ways to keep someone entertained and productive. One of those hobbies is Wall Painting. Through Wall Painting, people can make the surroundings more attractive than before especially those walls that have been left out or abandoned. Doing this makes their creative mind enhance its imaginative skills and thought process. They can also make the places that look dirty to become attractive and a tourist spots for locals.

Art is very powerful to express yourself. It can influence one’s mind to have an optimistic perception in life. Teenagers who do wall painting can also have friends with those who have interest in arts and especially in what they do. They can share their thought to each other and collect those thoughts to deliver powerful messages to the people through Wall Painting.

Art can be helpful or destructive depending on the artist mind. With a wrong motivation like anger, fear, revenge or any bad feeling it can lead to a very disastrous effect both on the creator and the person involve with the art. For art is very eye catchy many can people can see and may judge the art. It may not seem to it, but art can be a foundation of rumors, gossips and even wrong information that can spread to wide variety of audience. But with a good motivation like love, care and perseverance for something, art with these kinds of motivation will surely be inspired and outcome will most likely to be positive. Wall painting is just a good way of expressing your art depending on what kind it can surely help you in any way possible.