Types of Window Graphics

Window graphics have been around for decades. Initially, they were created with the purpose of displaying the names of businesses on front windows. In that form, window stickers were very difficult to remove and involved a lot of peeling and scraping. However, the window decals available today have evolved tremendously. There are a variety of options in terms of material, patterns, and customization available today. You can easily apply the decals yourself and peel them off when you no longer need them.

There are many types of window decals that can be used now. Some can be applied outside the window, some on the inside and some more are available for application from the inside facing outwards. These are the basic types of window decals.

1.Clear Window Decals

Printed decals that are colored but transparent are a rage today. With these graphics, you can promote your business, advertise on your windows and ensure that two-way visibility is maintained. While designing clear window decals, ensure that the colors used are contrasting ones so that visibility and readability is maintained.

2.Opaque Decals

As the name suggests, these are graphics that are opaque and they obscure two-way visibility. Portions of the decal that don’t have any design on them are simply colored opaque white. These graphics work as frosted windows would. They obscure visibility but do not cause a black out.

3.Perforated Decals

Many business owners want to advertise their products and services using window graphics, but they do not want to lose visibility or embrace transparent decals. Perforated window decals are the perfect option in such situations. Such decals are designed to allow for one-way visibility. This means that while people on the outside will only be able to see the design you have chosen, you will be able to see outside clearly from the inside. Such decals are created by printing onto specialized material that has perforations or tiny holes on one side. These tiny holes will not change the design aesthetics, but will create one-way visibility for store owners.

Within each of these broad types, there are even more variegated options for business owners to choose from. For example, transparent wall decals offer options like a layered look, etched look, and temporary static cling decals. Static cling options are particularly popular for seasonal sales promotions and quick advertising. They can be placed on both sides of the window. Such a cling does not use any adhesive but works on the basis of static created on the surface of the window.

Make your choice after evaluating your business needs.